Day 1 Arrival at Caracas airport, Transfer to close by Hotel

Day 2  In the morning we drive to the national airport and fly then to Puerto Ordaz City where your bird guide will pick you up at the airport. We drive 2 hours to the Sierra de Imataca Forest Reserve and we will start to bird. We will call the Musician Wren and Ferruginous backed Antbird after playback.

Highlights: Red and green Macaw, Black capped Parrot, Violaceous Jay, Paradise Jacamar, Waved Woodpecker, Ferruginous backed and White plumed Antbird, flycatchers and tanagers.

Overnight in the simple but nice and clean Posada Taguapire, B/D

Day 3 Today we will concentrate on the Harpy Eagle Nest. We will have to walk through the tropical forest until we arrive to a huge Saman tree where he has all the last years his nest inside. Sometimes we see the birds immediately but also sometimes we have to stay there several hours until we see an adult coming back to the nest with pray. The Harpy Eagle Hunt Monkeys and Sloths and feed with this their juveniles. While staying at the nest we also will observe other birds. For example under store flocks of antbirds or parrots and toucans as well Purple throated Fruitcrows are flying around.
Posada Taguapire. B/L/D

Day 4In the morning we observe around the road and the forest reserve. At midday we drive ca 4 hours until we arrive to the mining village las Claritas at km 85. In the afternoon we go to an area where we will look for the Capuchinbird and others.
We overnight at Kamoiran on top of the La Escalera forest Sierra de Lema. The lodging is simple, but very beautiful and practical. Kamoiran Lodge is managed by the Pemon indians and a black water river in the lodge invites to relax, for a bath or to observe birds.
The highlight of the day might be the Crimson Topaz Hummingbird
Overnight at Kamoiran B/D

Day 5Early we drive to the Sierra de Lema at Canaima National park. We will look for endemics and concentrate this day on the Guayana Cock of the Rock.
We will look for the males and females at km 111 in the Gran Sabana.
Overnight at Kamoiran B/L/D

Day 6 Today we will drive tot he higher areas of the Sierra de Lema and look there for other Guayana Species and White Bellbird and Bearded Bellbird. In the tropical forests it is not so eassy to observe birds, but we usually work with microphones and playbacks to call some importent species, like for example the Scarlet horned Manakin.
Highlights: Red necked Woodpecker, Yellow vented Woodpecker, Tepui Spinetail, Roraima Barbtail, Roraiman Antwren, Streak backed Antshrike, Scarlet horned Manakin, Red Banded Fruiteater, Sharpbill, Flutist Wren, Brown Solitair, roraiman Warbler, Tepui Greenlet, Tepui Whitestart, Tepui Brush-Finch

Overnigh at Kamoiran B/L/D

Day 7 Start to the Gran Sabana. We drive all the way up until we are in the heart of the Gran Sabana. The drive takes us to lots of viewpoints where we will see the Tepuis –table top mountains. We will make lots of stops to see plants at the road, to see Tepuis like Ilu Tepui, Yuruani Tepui, Kukenan Tepui and Tepui Roraima.
We will also look for some savanna specialists like Black faced Tanager or the endemic Black fronted Tyrunnulet.

At the waterfalls we also will have time to take a bath. Salto Kama and Salto Kawi. In the late afternoon we arrive to the mining village Santa Elena, which is at the Brazilian border.

Overnight at the comfortable Posada Los Pinos. B

Day 8: Today we have the possibility to make a helicopter flight to Roraima or Kukenan Tepui. The flight starts at 6 am and takes us 1,5 hours to the lost world.

After we will observe birds on the road to Pauji. There are some good Tanager like Massked Tanager and Antbirds to see, which we have not seen yet. At this area 2011 there was also a Crested Eagle nest, so we might see that bird in this woods.

The helicopter flight is a highlight of the excursion, but is not included in the trip. It is amassing to land on the Tepuis and sees the plants on the sandstone of the mountain. Usually we do not have time to bird on the tabletop mountain.

Much cheaper and also a similar unforgettable is to fly with a Cessnar airplane over the Roraima and Kukenan Tepui.

Overnight at the comfortable Posada Los Pinos. B

Day 9 After a strong breakfast we will drive back north to the Gran Sabana and will stop at lots of places we still haven’t seen and enjoy nature. We make a 30 minutes hike to the waterfall Quebrada de Jaspe. In the sunlight it is a shiny red stone. On the drive we  look again for the Tepuis and also for birds.

Overnight at Kamoiran B/D

Day 10 Starts to the Orinoco Delta.
This day will be a traveling day. We drive to Ciudad Guayana and then further to Boca de Uracoa and here we take our boots to get into the Orinoco delta. In the delta live the Warao Indians. This tribe built their houses out of palm trees on the water. On the drive to the lodge we will see several tribes and also we have good chances to see first delta birds as well as monkey and dolphins on the boot drive.

Overnight Orinoco Lodge B/L/D

Day 11 At the Orinoco Delta we will do different bird excursions. We go by canu and make small walks in the jungle.  The Orinoco Delta is a birders paradise and it easy to  see lots of birds and wildlife just from the lodge aswell from the river. Big flocks of different parrots and macaws are flying noisy over the lodge and the delta in the morning and afternoon. With some luck we might find the Orinoco Softtail.
Overnight Orinoco Lodge B/L/D

Day 12 We bird around the camp and then we start with boots and canoes to go to several arms of the Orinoco Rivers. The arms have over 300 different arms and there is a lot to see.

Overnight Orinoco Lodge B/L/D

Highlights: Rufus vented Chachalaca, Yellow knobbed Curassaw, Rufus Tiger Heron, Bare faced Ibis, Grey necked Woodrail, Black collared Hawk, Ornate Hawk Eagle, Black and White Hawk Eagle, Cream collared Woodpecker, Orinoco Softtail.

Day 13 Again we will go out with boats and walk on trails around the camp and look for birds and animals. After lunch we drive back to Boca de Uracoa, where our van will wait for us and we drive to Ciudad Bolivar where we will stay in the nice Posada Angostura.

Overnight Posada Angostura. B

Day 14 We drive to the airport at Ciudad Bolivar and fly to Caracas where you have your international flight connection. Also you can fly to Los Roques or other destinations after the 2 week bird excursion. Have a look at

Meal included: B

Rates on request:

Price: 4 and more guests:
Single room:

Coraya Wren by Joe Klaiber ©

Harpy Eagle by Joe Klaiber ©

Flutist Wren by Joe Klaiber ©

Tepui Brush-Finch by Joe Klaiber ©

Tepui Whitestart by Joe Klaiber ©

White-Bellbird by Joe Klaiber ©

Guianana Cock ot the rock by Joe Klaiber ©

Roraiman Antwren by Joe Klaiber ©

Ferruginous backed Antbird by Joe Klaiber ©


  • 2 national flights
  • excellent bird guide
  • Transfers
  • Lodging
  • Meals as described
  • Excursions as mentioned.
  • Mineral water

Not included:

  • international and national airport tax
  • alcoholic drinks

Birds in Venezuela