Tour F: Rio Caura – 4 days

The bird fauna south of the Orinoco River is different and this is where you can find the Amazonian bird species in Venezuela.
In the Amazon the birding starts very early. The best is to be out at 5am in the forest already. Usually it gets much more quiet already at 9 am. There we will still be out and look with the scopes for canopy birds. At midday we will visit the Indian community from the sanema and yekuana Indians

Day 1: Transfer 4 hours from Ciudad Bolivar to Trincheras. We arrive at our lodge where we will stay for the next nights. We start to bird around the lodge to get our first species like Black Nunbird, Blue Crowned Motmot, Gilded Barbet, etc. After lunch we make a hike from the lodge to a little Oxbow lake. Here we will see different Parrots, Macawas and Toucans. Only to name a few of them, which we might see: Black headed Parrot, Caica Parrot, Mealy Parrot, Scarlet Macaw, Military Macaw, White throated Toucan, Many banded Aracari, Ivory billed Aracari, Green and Black necked Aracari.

Day 2: In the morning we take the boat and drive to the Laja El Tigre Trail. This is where the name of the trail comes from. Here in the deep djungle we will look for army ants and Antbird flocks. Sometimes it is possible to see over 12 different Antbirdspecies at the trail. Some of them are Fasciated Antshrike, great Antshrike, Blackish grey Antshrike, Guianan Antshrike, Spot winged Antshrike, Cinnerous Antshrike, White plumbed Antbird, Spot backed Antbird, White browed Antbird, Black faced Antbird, Scale backed Antbird, Dusky Antbird, Black throated Antbird, White fringed Antwren, Grey Antwren, Rufous bellied Antwren, Amazonian Streaked Antwren
We have lunch at Yokore island and relax a in hammocks. Then we take the boat back and on the ride we look for raptors at the forest edge like black Hawk Eagle and Crested Eagle. We will see different monkeys and the fresh water dolphins.

Day 3: We will bird around the lodge and around the main Raid and some side Trails. This gives us a good general idea of the Amazonian species. Like Spix Guan Red throated and Black Caracara, Plumbeous Kite, Spix Guan, Piping Guan, Vioalacous Trogon, White tiled Trogon, Green tailed Jacamar, white necked Puffbird, Black Nonbird, Blue Crowned Motmot, Guilded Barbet, Chestnut Woodpecker, Red Necked Woodpecker, Buff throated Woodcreeper, Wedge billed Woodcreeper, Long tailed Woodcreeper, Plain Crowned Spinetail, Rusty backed Spinetail, Buff throated Foliage Gleaner, Olive backed Foliage Gleaner, Tityras, Spangled Cotinga, Purple throated Friotcrow, Masked Tanager, Turquoise Tanager, Paradise tanager, Opal Rumped tanager, Black faced and Blue Dacnis, Amazonian Oropendola,Honeycreepers, Antbirds, Wrens, Manakins, Toucans, Parrots and Macaws, etc.

Day 4: In the morning we will bird for three hours around the lodge. After we will have our 4 hour transfer to Ciudad Bolivar

Rates on request: Extra day possible

Includes: Bilingual guide, Transportation, Lodging, all meals, nationalpark entrance, cooling box full with ice

Screaming Piha by Joe Klaiber ©

Guianan Slaty Antshrike by Joe Klaiber ©

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