Tour H: Photo – Nature – Tour – LOS LLANOS / ORINOCO -14 days

Photo – Nature and birding Tour
Los Llanos, Sierra Nevada and Orinoco Delta.

This photo-nature tour is focused on birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Nonetheless those interested in botanic will also have enough time to photograph plants such as bromeliad, orchid, moss and lichen. We aim to fill up all individual expectations, but most of all we intend that everyone has enough time to take photos or to make a film of the species of his or her interest.

Day 1: Arrival at Caracas international airport. We will be picked up by our airport assistance and after approx. 40 min drive we will arrive at Costa Real Suites Hotel.

Day 2: The next morning we will drive back to the airport to take the next flight to Barinas city. After approx. 2.5 hours drive to the Los Llanos we will arrive at Hato el Cedral, a cattle ranch of approx 52.000 hectares where a unique wildlife can be observed. Caiman, Orinoco crocodile, capybara (biggest rodent of the world), armadillo, howler monkey, iguana, sweet water dolphin and lots of different kind of birds like Jabiru, stork, Virginia Owl, Burrowing Owl, Scarlet Ibis and Scarlet Macaw are some of the species that can nearly be observed and photographed. And we just mention a few of the 300 different of bird species found in this ranch. After lunch we explore the ranch by pickup truck in our safari tour.

Days 3-5: Three spectacular days at Hato el Cedral. Besides the safari tour we will also have boat excursion through a gallery forest. This is very special for nature lovers. Not in vain is the Llanos known as the South American Serengeti. Its wildlife is hard to overcome. With some luck we might get to see big anteater, tamandua, ocelot, puma or jaguar and anaconda.

Day 6: In the morning we will have our last excursion at the Hato Cedral. After lunch and approx 3.5 hours drive we will arrive at the colonial town of Altamira de Caceres. Our overnight stay will be at the beautiful Posada Casa Vieja Altamira. Early in the morning we might see hummingbirds and butterflies flying around its tropical garden.

Day 7: Today´s excursion will be around the mountain forests of Altamira de Caceres. The bird variety and vegetation in this area of Altamira is very impressive.

Day 8: After breakfast we will drive all the way up along the Andean cloud forest road. Today´s destination is the lek of the cock of the rock. From a selected spot we will be able to easily observe this extraordinary and rare bird. The overnight stay will be again at Posada Casa Vieja.

Day 9: After breakfast we will drive to Barinas airport and fly to Puerto Ordaz city. After one hour drive from Puerto Ordaz we will reach the colonial city of Ciudad Bolivar. The overnight stay will be at Posada Angostura.

Day 10: After breakfast and three hours drive by bus we will reach Boca de Uracoa, a small port at the edge of the biggest river delta of the world: the Orinoco Delta. From here we will drive by motor boat to Abujene Lodge. The lodge lies on one of the many arms of the Orinoco Delta, in the middle of the jungle and is basically made of stilt houses. After lunch we will have our first excursion by boat to observe the variety of the Orinoco fauna and nature.

Days 11-12: These days we will do different excursions in the Orinoco Delta. Macaws, toucans, howler monkeys, dolphins and much more we might see in the Delta. Besides its fauna and flora, the Delta is very impressive because of its community members. They mainly stem from the Warao Indians.
The Warao Indians live in simple stilt houses close to the river bank. They mostly live from fishing, hunting and from the fruits that grow on the Moriche palm. Visitors are friendly welcome. This gives us an opportunity to have an impression of how they live their daily life.

Day 13: Today we will drive by boat to the small settlement of San Jose de Buja and from there we will continue to the petroleum city of Maturin. There we will take our flight back to Caracas and after that we will drive to Costa Real Suites Hotel.

Day 14: In the morning we have time to swim in the pool and later we will be taken to the airport and fly back to Europe.

Parrot by Joe Klaiber ©

Toucan by Joe Klaiber ©

Screaming Piha by Joe Klaiber ©

Black-mandibled Toucan by Joe Klaiber ©

Buff-necked Ibis by Joe Klaiber ©

Extra itinerary: It is possible to continue to la Gran Savanna or to Canaima from the 13. or 14. Day. Just ask our team.

Important notice: Our photo tour is not a photo workshop! Experts as well as people with less experience can take part in this tour. A local guide will take us to the hot spots and together we can observe the flora, fauna as well as birds. We will have an excellent nature specialized guide who will attend you with enthusiasm.

Price by request.

Inclusive: accommodation, nature specialized guide, breakfast and one meal per day. In Los Llanos and Orinoco Delta are all the meals included. The dinner on the first night in Venezuela is not included. Excursions and national flight are included.

Not included: tip, airport tax, alcoholic drinks.

Birds in Venezuela