About us

Joe Klaiber is the primary founder of the birdwatching group. He knows all
corners of Venezuela very well and has birded them lot of times, guiding birders and birding groups to the Andes, Los Llanos and Amazonas as well to the table top mountains to see the Tepui endemics and the Harpy eagle and Orinoco delta areas. Joe works on different bird surveys and bird census in South America and Europe and does no office work anymore. He is working on a
bird and wildlife sound recording project” of bird songs and calls of Venezuela. He is not always available for the birding tours. Besides Venezuela he has been birding the neotropics the last 20 years at Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia. In Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Poland he works as an offshore ornithologist studying the bird migration for the offshore wind farms, as well he has done lots of different biological bird mapping and bird surveys for breeding birds and roosting birds.

pauraque / great horned owl


Birds in Venezuela