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Rolando W. Ruiz has been working at the Manu national park in Peru and came in the eighties to Venezuela where he felt in love with los Llanos, their birds and wildlife. He has worked in several guesthouses and lodges and conducts since 2008 the Posada Casa Vieja.

Joe Klaiber is the primary founder of the birdwatching group. He knows all
corners of Venezuela very well and has birded them lot of times, guiding birders and birding groups to the Andes, Los Llanos and Amazonas as well to the table top mountains to see the Tepui endemics and the Harpy eagle and Orinoco delta areas. Joe works on different bird surveys and bird census in South America and Europe and does no office work anymore. He is working on a
bird and wildlife sound recording project” of bird songs and calls of Venezuela. He is not always available for the birding tours. Besides Venezuela he has been birding the neotropics the last 20 years at Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia. In Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Poland he works as an offshore ornithologist studying the bird migration for the offshore wind farms, as well he has done lots of different biological bird mapping and bird surveys for breeding birds and roosting birds.

Kai Putzka has worked as a professional tour guide for years. He is specialized in snakes and anacondas of Los Llanos. From his guided excursions he knows all corners of Venezuela very well, as well all birding hotspots. All the birding destinations and the bird lodges he has visited by his self to verify the standard which birders need, of the places and birding areas. Schon vor der Reise beantwortet Kai schnell und kompetent alle eure Fragen zu Reisen in Venezuela per E-Mail.Since 2004 he has worked with the Posada Casa Vieja bird lodge and since 2008 he runs the Posada Casa Vieja bird lodge and manages their birding tours. Also he answers all the emails quickly and operates your bookings and tours in Venezuela. If you have any question contact Kai and he will help you with any information you need for your birding trip and tour in Venezuela.

Besides that he works with an excellent bilingual guide stuff which enables  the work with the back office to be able to offer an excellent service. To name a few: Roger Manrique, biologist and ornithologist. Churi Mendosa, enthusiast birder + biologist + nature lover. Toto Collazo, studied modern languages and tourism. Gaston Gutierrez, biologist, Thore Nornberg.

From the guesthouse Posada Casa Vieja there are diffrent possibilitys to do  hikes on your own. One of the best is the Humboldt trail, which is superb for cloud forest birding. Besides that we offer lots of different excursions in the country, daily organized, like Los Roques islands and excursions to the Angel Fall in the Canaima national park with the table top mountains and others.

pauraque / great horned owl


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