Conditions of Travel

The services are fixed in the itineraries and by individual agreements.
Venezuela has a tropical climate which sometimes implies unexpected weather conditions. Water level in rivers changes depending on the season of the year.  If there is too much water, roads and tunnels might be closed which means that we need to take another route to continue the tour.  On the other hand, in case there is not enough water in the rivers there might be boat that cannot keep the usual schedule for the transfers. In such as cases, we will always arrange the necessary changes in order to continue with the tour.

Another important notice is that Venezuelan domestic flights have sometimes delays and can even be cancelled. In that case, we´ll always try to get you to your destiny by looking for another options, as another flight route or a transfer by car if necessary.
Under such unexpected circumstances a refund cannot be claimed.
Reservation and payment:
40% of the total price of the tour once you confirmed to take part on a tour.  
 Domestic flight tickets, hotel, transfer vouchers and so on will be sent by e-mail as soon as we confirm your deposit.
60% must be transferred 30 days before the arrival in Venezuela.

In case the following regulations apply:
No refund for domestic flights (tickets can be used within 365 days but not transferable and therefore useless for another customer)
In case you cancel the tour (rate not including domestic flight tickets); if you cancel 30 days (or more) before the scheduled arrival, we refund 70%, if you cancel 29 to 14 days before scheduled arrival we refund 50%, if you cancel 13 days (or less) before scheduled arriva, we refund 30%.

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