Birds and Birding in Venezuela

Venezuela is, besides Peru and Colombia, the country where most of birds can be observed.

An Ornithological and birding tour in Venezuela has not only a great variety of the bird species but it is also impressive because of its nature. Venezuela has different vegetation levels and a biodiversity which includes the local birds as well as the winter visitors of North and South America.

More than 1400 birds and a contrastive Fauna und Flora spread over this southamerican country which once fascinated Alexander von Humboldt as well as otherscientists in the 19th century.

In the ornitological and birding tours in Venezuela you might see colorful Quetzals, Toucans, Tangaras, Macaws and Parrots. The Venezuelan neotropical birds have a large number of birds such as Hummingbirds, Antbirds, Cotingas as well as north american winter visitors like Leaf Warbler and Charadriiformes.

Visitors of this web page can access to a part of Joe Klaiber´s birdsong collection and to a detailed list of bird species in different Venezuelan regions.
From 5000 mts in the Andes to the Caribbean in the north, to the Amazonas in the south, through dwarf, cloud and gallery forests to the plains of the savanna and the swamp of the Llanos, continuing to Orinoco Delta and to the table top mountains in the Gran Savanna (Tepuis), Venezuela is. We recommend to visit Los Llanos, the best place for close wildlife observation in Southamerica!

Our main office is located in Merida where we have two lodges and have birdwatching tours from the Andes to los Llanos almost daily. A tour that offers not only birdwatching but also wildlife.
We also organise frequently excursions to all destinations in Venezuela like Henri Pittier national park, east Venezuela and la Gran Sabana to see the Tepui endemics at La Escalera, Sierra de Lema and to see the Harpy Eagle at Sierra de Imataca. Birding Organisation Kodeks like Club 300, British Trust of Ornithology and American Birding Association are welcome. Photo tours for wildlife photographers
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Musican Wren by Joe Klaiber ©

Bearded Bellbird by Joe Klaiber ©

Tepui Antpitta by Joe Klaiber ©

Tepui Brush-Finch by Joe Klaiber ©

Merida Wren by Joe Klaiber ©

Merida Tapaculo rattle by Joe Klaiber ©

Roraima Antwren by Joe Klaiber ©

Roraiman Antbird by Joe Klaiber ©

Purple-throated Fruitcrow by Joe Klaiber ©

Black Nunbird by Joe Klaiber ©

Band-tailed Guan 1 by Joe Klaiber ©

Crested Quetzal by Joe Klaiber ©

We do not have yet always the right picture of the bird species of each sound recording in the soundclouds. In that cases we used pictures of landscapes and hummingbirds, to make the website look firm. We are working on our field trips to get the missing pictures and that will be developed in the future.
Many thanks we want to say to the photographers Alejandra Huaynalaya, Wulf Kappes and specially to Sigrid Lange, which helped us with lots of brilliant pictures, they have done on our excursions and we are using on that website.

Andean Cock of the rock at Lek by Joe Klaiber ©

Screaming-piha-ferruginous-backed Antbird by Joe Klaiber ©

Rufous-banded Owl by Joe Klaiber ©

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Birds in Venezuela